Last night was exceptionally difficult 

Gavin and I got off to a late start in regards to his bloodwork, but Lizze and I both had rough night sleeping. Emmett was really struggling with everything. He couldn’t get comfortable in his bed, our bed, under any blanket, and no matter way we tried. 

I slept on the couch because I felt that was the best way Lizze and Emmett would both be able to sleep. Emmett was sleeping before I went to the couch. 

Anyway, Gavin and I are at the lab right now. He’s waiting for his turn and crossing his fingers that this will be the last daily blood draw. 

As long as his numbers are good, we will probably move to weekly blood work, and Gavin’s okay with that. 

I’m really hoping that his numbers are still good today.. 

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Is Emmett old enough to self-soothe himself to sleep? I realize there would be short term (maybe even weeks) of problems. But even autistic kids can learn to lay in bed and amuse themselves until they are sleepy. I just worry, Rob, because you have quite literally been losing tons of sleep for years.

Grace Colasurdo
Grace Colasurdo

Do you ever get respite? I have no idea how you do all this?