I spoke with the principal 

It’s the first day of the 2018 school this morning. We barely made it to this point, but I’m super proud of all of us for making it. ☺ 

We finally found clothes that Emmett will wear, at least in warmer weather, and Elliott is already good to go. Unfortunately, our trip to the grocery store was a bust, at least as far as Emmett is concerned. We couldn’t find anything that he would eat for lunch. 

Let me clarify my last statement. We couldn’t find anything for the main part of his lunch. He won’t eat a sandwich, cold pizza, anything else he used to eat, or anything else we suggested 

We did manage to get some smaller things for his lunch. Things like apple sauce, jello, yogurt, juice, fruit snacks and slim Jim’s. I feel like it’s better than nothing but hardly ideal. 

Elliott wants a sandwich, juice, some mango, yogurt and a snack. At least that was relatively easy. 

I called the school and discussed with the principal our concerns in regards to Emmett. It appears that we have everything worked out and with any luck, Emmett should have much better attendance this year. I’m gonna be really honest. I love having my kids home but I think homeschooling would not have a been a good thing, at least in our current circumstances. 

I’m happy to know the boys are excited about this morning, but I’ll feel even better after we make it through, and all goes well. 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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