I’m really excited but at the same time really nervous

I’m really excited but at the same time really nervous

Life can be so frustrating sometimes. We have this amazing trip to look forward to, and the idea of going has us sorta freaking out. There’s so much to plan for and we’re going to be somewhere we’ve never been, almost 20 hours away from home. 

Don’t get me wrong, this trip is one of the best things to ever happen to our family. We’ve never been on a vacation or even travelled more than one hundred miles from home. 

The kids are really excited and we are as well. We are just working on the logistics of everything and trying to take everything into account. 

I don’t think the drive will be too rough. We’ll have a nice vehicle with plenty of room and we’ll have a hotel stay on the way down and one on the way back. I do wish I wasn’t the only driver, not so much because of the driving part, but because I’d like to be able to take in all the places we’ll be driving through. 

This week we realized that we’re pretty sure Maggie’s at least mostly deaf. I’m not sure when it happened but we’ve been noticing that she’s not responding to us when we call. Frankly, I thought she was being difficult. 

There are certain trigger words we can say, that will set her into guard mode and she’s won’t let anyone come through the front door until we call her off.

She no longer responds. 

I think she’s able to still hear lower frequencies, but not everyday talk or what would be considered normal speech. 

This has us a bit nervous about boarding her. On the plus side, she would be boarded with our vet, so that’s a positive thing. 

We’re currently working on a finalized date to leave and until that’s done, everything is up in the air. It looks like the end of September into and through the first week of October. 

We want this to be as positive for Gavin as possible, as well as for the other kids. 

This is a really, really big thing and I guess being nervous is probably to be expected. I truly believe this is going to be unbelievably beneficial for all of us and even bring us closer together. 

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