Who’s born hating others? 

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I wanted to take a few minutes and reach out to my fellow parents because I think that’s the best approach in stopping hate before it begins.

Trying to reach those neck deep in hate already, is mostly a fruitless endeavor.

With all that’s been going on in our country over the last few weeks with nazi groups, white nationalists and the KKK, we need to take a serious look at how we’re raising our kids.

No one is born hating other people, that’s a learned condition. We aren’t born inherently hating those who are different than ourselves, we learn to do that. 

As parents, it’s so important to realize that our kids learn from us. I know that may seem like commonsense, but clearly it’s not for everyone. 

Our kids pick up on our feelings, attitude and demeanor towards others. If they experience their parents showing love and compassion to those in need of it, that can have a lasting impression. 

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We have a responsibility to raise our children in a manner that helps them be as happy and well adjusted as possible. Teaching them to perceive minorities, those with disabilities or anyone else who maybe different,  as somehow being inferior, is one of the cruelest things you can do to your child. 

Teaching your child to hate others, sets them up for a lifetime of pain, suffering and paranoia. 

Kids that learn to hate, will always be on the outside looking in. Teaching them to hate minorities, will in fact force them to live in the minority. 

The reality is, people living with so much hate for their fellow man, does in fact put them in the minority. Most of the human race is made of good and decent people, who don’t view others of different races or ethnicities as inferior. 

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Unfortunately, we are experiencing a raise in the number of people who are hell bent on racial purity. There are many reasons they feel emboldened enough to march in broad daylight now. 

We may never be able to truly counter these hate spreading domestic terrorists, and they are considered domestic terrorists. Maybe the best way to address this is by letting them die out, while we continue to stand against them. 

If we correct the issues of hate before people learn to hate in the first place, we’ll see hate die out as the current generation of haters does as well.