A fragile peace accord has been shattered

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The fragile peace accord that has been maintaining the calm and quiet in our house has been shattered. Elliott and Emmett are at each other’s throats as a result.

Understanding the issue at hand is an important step towards understanding the fragile peace in our house.

Much like many others out there with Autism, my kids are drawn to things like tablets and technology. It’s calming for them and it keeps them engaged. We are working to broaden the way they experience the world, without the use of their tablets.

My kids are plagued by sensory issues, and if you’ve been a reader for a little while, you’re likely albrotherready aware of jowls bad it can be sometimes.

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One of the issues I don’t think I’ve mentioned before has to do with the way Emmett uses his tablets.

In order for Emmett to be comfortable using his tablet (according to him), requires that he turns the volume up all the way. We’ve been working on this forever and we can’t seem to find a solution that works. Headphones don’t work and neither does repetitious reminders.

This high volume drives Elliott absolutely crazy. When Elliott asks Emmett to turn it down or leave the room, problems ensue.

Emmett doesn’t feel he should have to leave his room and Elliott doesn’t cope with that very well. This leads to a brother vs brother showdown. This showdown generally includes a great deal of screaming, fighting and frustration.

This is pretty much where we are at the moment. Now I’ve got to go manage some of the squabbling before I go crazy.

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