Our 1st full day home turned out to be a rough one -

Our 1st full day home turned out to be a rough one

Poor Emmett had a rough evening that ended with his finger accidentally being shut in a door by Elliott. He’s okay but it obviously hurt and I’m amazed that he fell asleep tonight. Lizze read him Harry Potter until he was out. ☺

This was how we ended our rather tiring day.

I didn’t realize how much the eighteen hour drive took out of me. I was pretty active yesterday but feel sorta rundown. I think that as the week goes on, things will improve. I’m feeling optimistic about that.

One of the things I did begin doing was unpacking. We got home at 3 AM on Sunday morning and managed to get everything in the house, where it just sat until last night. I started going through all the clothes and getting them put away. Everything is clean because Lizze did laundry before we left Florida.

We came back with way more than we left with and that means we have to find places for everything. It’s a work in progress. lol

I’m still feeling incredibly motivated in regards to getting our house into a better state of being. We don’t like our house or the neighborhood we live in but regardless, we are blessed to have a roof over our heads. We are more determined than ever to make the best of what we have.

We don’t want to invest much money into the house, unless we can take it with us if/when we move. At the same time, most of what the inside needs is a fresh coat of paint, new furniture and a bit of organization. All these things are possible and we are pushing toward making them a reality.

There are so many take aways from our time in Florida and one of them was a renewed sense of hope for the future. We’ve never really had a break like we got this past week. In almost 18 years, we’ve never been in vacation or took any trips that could help us rejuvenate our spirits.

This past week has had an impact on our lives in ways I didn’t expect.

I have things to share about my personal take aways from our trip but that’s for another post I’m working on.

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