Dammit, I shouldn't have said anything -

Dammit, I shouldn’t have said anything

I just posted that the boys were having a really good day. I talked about how surprised I was that they had transitioned so well and in doing so, I must have tempted the fates.

The reason I say that is because not long after, both Elliott and Emmett’s day went straight to Hell.

Emmett just began melting down over seemingly everything and Elliott soon joined him. I don’t know what happened exactly but if I had to guess, I would say that the fallout I thought we’d avoided has made its presence known.

For that matter, I’m sure the people three doors down are aware of it as well. lol

We will have to work through this and move forward. The more fallout we face, the slower we move forward but as long as we keep moving forward, that’s all that matters. ☺

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