The drive home from school felt like an eternity -

The drive home from school felt like an eternity

The boys are home from school and both of them are unbelievably overwhelmed by their first day back. Elliott’s freaking out over makeup work and Emmett’s just freaking out.

They had good days at school and were able to hold it together until they climbed into the car.

The five minutes it took to get them home, felt more like an eternity.

Emmett didn’t have any makeup work because he did all of the work before he left. I tried to explain that to him becsuse he didn’t understand why Elliott had work and he didn’t.

I explained that he’s ahead of the rest of the class and so what he was working in before he left, is probably what the class was doing while he was gone. He couldn’t accept this answer because the work he had done had not officially be labeled makeup work for while your on vacation.

After a little while, I just gave up trying to explain it.

Is seriously overwhelmed by all the makeup work he has. All he sees is this big pile of papers that need to be done by the 18th and he doesn’t realize that not all of them require him to do something. There’s no getting through to him at the moment. When he’s in a better place, I’ll try again.

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