We’re risking the wrath of the school attendance God’s

We’re risking the wrath of the school attendance God’s

Unfortunately, Elliott never fell asleep last night and when we checked his temperature, he was back up to 100.7°F. He’s not complaining of anything but his cheeks are red and he’s well above the school’s 99.5°F, fever policy.

I took a screenshot of his temperature records from this morning, and sent it to the school office.

It’s nothing official but it does corroborate the fact that Elliott’s running a fever. I also expressed my frustration with this new policy and they quickly replied that they absolutely understand/share my frustration.

I’ve no solid understanding of how this is going to impact Elliott’s attendance plight, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon. Frankly, I’m trying not to give two shits about what the new policy says and simply do what’s best for my kids.


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as expected. When you don’t like the comment, dismiss it. Hopefully someone else will find some value in it.

Rob Gorski

Dutch, I thanked you for your opinion and asked you to have a good day. I’m sorry you didn’t like that. Again, have a nice night. ☺


I feel like you need to take into account the number of not autism related absences the kids have before you start making any of this policy driven.

Based on your earlier post they have missed 13 days. That is more than two weeks of the first marking period. That is a lot of school to miss. And by your own admission, the lion share of those were because of you not prioritizing school or failing to take into account the number of sick days they do take already when planning non sick days off.

Which…there your kids and it’s your prerogative, but I don’t believe it’s a policy issue. You might want to consider Home schooling or online classes to allow for a more flexible approach to education.

Rob Gorski

Dutch, thanks for you opinion.

kimmy gebhardt

I’m curious what the letters said. Did they go into specifics about each boy or were they just boilerplate letters with blanks filled in on the number of days missed? Did they tell you what the next steps would be? From reading the attendance policy that you posted at the beginning of the school year, it sounded like they may want to meet with you and figure out a plan for having the boys attend school on a more regular basis but you and Lizze won’t be in any sort of trouble for having ‘truant’ kids. Like I said last night, it sounds like this new policy is geared towards keeping kids in school instead of kicking them out for missing too much. Seems like someone, somewhere finally realized how counterproductive that actually was.

Lisa Blycker

I have to agree with you and say that you should do what’s best for your kids.

Rob Gorski

Thanks Lisa. Are you a special needs parent by chance?

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