Parents play a huge role in their children’s education

Lizze and I have teacher conferences scheduled for tonight. Unfortunately, we have some concerns about Elliott’s teachers and want to hear their side of things. Elliott has been struggling with his math makeup work and according to him, he’s asked for help a few times this week but his teacher won’t help him.

This isn’t our first rodeo so we don’t assume that Elliott’s accurately perceiving what’s taking place inside the classroom. At the same time we aren’t assuming that Elliott’s wrong either. We know enough to know that teachers aren’t perfect and that things happen that we wouldn’t think would happen.

I’ve not known Elliott’s teachers before this school year and so I have no history with them. They’re newer and it’s always a good idea to make every attempt to get to know our kids teachers.

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Lizze and I are firm believes that as parents, we have a responsibility to our kids to be as involved in their education and we possibly can. That includes getting to know the teachers and staff. We fully intend to do just that tonight at conferences. My hope is that this is all a misunderstanding and we can get this resolved, so we can all move forward. ☺