Thanksgiving 2017: The Good – The Bad – The Meltdowns

Thanksgiving 2017: The Good – The Bad – The Meltdowns

All things considered, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving this year. It was very low key and the food was amazing. I stuck with one plate because I’m trying to make better decisions, but it wasn’t easy.

My parents did an amazing job with everything and we are so thankful for all their efforts.

I had assumed that because it was going to be so low key, the boys would do better. I was soon reminded of the old phrase, you know what they say about people who assume.

The boys lasted about two hours before they began bouncing off the walls. My family is very patient with the kids but Lizze and I were very quickly getting overwhelmed by how hyper they were.

Emmett had a meltdown because his piece of pumpkin pie was cracked. Even though he was going to just chew it up anyway, a cracked piece of pie was the end of the world. It was downhill from there. In all fairness though, the boys really did do a great job. They simply have their limits and once reached, things can unravel quickly.

Once we got home, they were all over the place and eventually getting them to bed was a nightmare. Thankfully, they’re sleeping now and I’m really excited to go to bed. I’m exhausted… ☺

I hope you and yours had an amazing Thanksgiving… ☺ 💙

Here’s a few pictures from our awesome Thanksgiving.. ☺

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Replace “cracked piece of pie” with “wanted everyone to quietly watch a 25-minute YouTube video” and that was my evening. Had a great while his mom and I cooked. Was even unusually kind to his little brother. The day had other issues but he stayed comparatively calm during those.

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