Pictures from the best day we’ve had in a long time

Lizze and I had a terrific day today and that doesn’t happen all that often. The boys spent the day with their Grandparents, leaving Lizze and I a day to ourselves. ☺

The highlight of our time to ourselves was taking a nice long walk at the park. We ended up going on a light hike and spending the afternoon outside, on a beautiful day taking pictures.

We grabbed Subway for a late lunch and caught up on a few shows.

Lizze got a nap and I played some Wolfenstein II before boys got home. They finally arrived home around dinner time and we had a nice quiet evening before putting them to bed for the night.

We have everything for their lunches already figured out and I’m hoping for a pleasant morning.. ☺

Below are some of the pictures from our hike today. Enjoy.. ☺

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