Have you ever been so stressed out it makes you sick?

Between last night and this morning, my stress level reached a point where I ended up sick. After I took the boys to school this morning, I started not feeling well. I thought that maybe I was just hungry or something but after eating breakfast (the same yogurt medley I have almost every morning) I felt worse.

As life has become more challenging and stressful, I’ve started dealing with acid reflux. It doesn’t always happen often but it tends to show up when I’m really upset or stressed out.

It’s fair to say that I have a lot on my plate and there are times when it just becomes too much.

Between the worries about now needing a new car, dealing with the mortgage company, not sleeping last night, worrying about Christmas, getting Gavin to Cleveland and spending the morning dealing with screaming, it was just too much.

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We rescheduled Dr. Reynolds because there hasn’t been any changes for Gavin in regards to his medications. The idea was that I could get some sleep, take some Tums and wake up feeling better, so I could drive to the Cleveland Clinic.

Unfortunately, the nap didn’t help and I was feeling nauseated.

Anyway, Lizze rescheduled Cleveland and while I’m not happy about that, there wasn’t really anything I could do. I was not feeling up to driving and so there wasn’t much choice.

Everything is rescheduled and we can move forward. I wish that I could have knocked this stuff out today but sometimes things don’t go as planned. There are times when pushing myself is the right thing to do, but this was not one of those times.

I need some time to decompress and center myself a bit. Dealing with stress isn’t something that’s ever going to go away, and like anyone else, I could benefit from adding additional coping skills to my tool box for dealing with stress…

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Anyway, how many of you have ever dealt with something similar?