Please don’t take even the little things for granted

Please don’t take even the little things for granted

I’ve been feeling optimistic lately and I still am, but at the same time I’m feeling overwhelmed. For some reason, life is feeling heavy and difficult to carry. Nothing has happened that would shake up my snow globe, so to speak.

The boys have been a handful and then some, all day long. Emmett can’t decide on anything and Elliott is becoming more and more difficult to feed because why wouldn’t he. It’s all sensory related stuff and very difficult, if not impossible to work through.

We are basically buying food in an attempt to get the two youngest to eat and they won’t. Sometimes they’ll try it but there always end up being something wrong with the taste or smell and they won’t eat it.

We spend more money on groceries then we do on our mortgage. As we continue to get back on our feet, we are now covering 99.9% of our grocery budget out of pocket. Believe me, I’m not complaining because it feels so amazing to be able to stand on our own two feet. It would be even better if the groceries actually found their way into the boys bellies.

I can’t begin to explain how frustrating it is to try and get them to eat, especially something that’s healthy. Most of the time, we’re simply grateful they’re taking in calories. In my world, a balanced diet is akin to something like a unicorn. I’d love to see one some day but I know it’s never going to happen.

I suppose one of the reasons I’m sharing this with you is because it’s so important that we never take things for granted. Even things as seemingly simple and feeding your kids dinner.

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