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The big reason I’m really frustrated with Gavin right now

The second rule was that he never talks to his brothers about his missions. This was a rule created by his doctors and deemed in the best interest of all involved, but especially for the boys.

This has been the way it is since these issues first came to light many years ago.

Today, Gavin decided that he would talk to Emmett about a mission he was going on. I don’t think much was said but at the end of the day, it created a good bit of confusion for Emmett.

Gavin knows that he is not to speak with anyone about this outside of Lizze, myself, his grandparents (if he must) and his doctors. This isn’t about shame or embarrassment, it’s about trying to avoid confusion, judgment or having to try and explain things to people who are never going to get it.

We let him share his missions on YouTube because he’s proud of them and it serves a dual purpose. He gets to share his story in a controlled manner and it helps to raise awareness for Schizophrenia. We support him wanting to make video debriefings of his missions but he cannot talk to his younger brothers about them.

See Talking with a Schizophrenic

At the end of the day, Gavin has no malicious intent and probably spoke impulsively. For the most part, he does pretty well in this area but today created problems that I didn’t know how to appropriately address.

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