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The big reason I’m really frustrated with Gavin right now

Emmett was looking to play with Gavin this morning and Gavin told him he couldn’t because he had an important mission to go on. On a basic level, Emmett understands that Gavin sees and hears things that aren’t real. Emmett took Gavin’s refusal to play rough because he saw it as Gavin choosing to go on a pretend mission rather than play with him.

It’s not that cut and dry but try explaining that to a 10 year old.

When these things happen, it creates chaos and it’s not easy to resolve. We will end up having to sit the boys down with Dr. Pattie and have a discussion about what Gavin has going on, in an effort to help them better understand. If we don’t, the boys get frustrated because they don’t understand why Gavin is doing the things he’s doing.

I explained to Emmett that Gavin’s brain tricks him into seeing and hearing things that only he can see and hear. It’s not Gavin’s fault but these things are very real to him. That’s just how Gavin’s brain works. I know it’s confusing but it’s part of who he is and we have to deal with it.

Maybe that’s not the best explanation but in the heat of the moment, that’s what I had.

I know that Gavin didn’t mean any harm but I have enough to deal with as it is and this is not something I want to take on, at least not with five days left to go before we can talk to Dr. Pattie about this.

I mentioned this before in a previous post. Gavin’s behaviors are becoming more difficult to manage and that’s making life a whole lot more stressful for everyone.

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