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I’m a freshwater fish in a saltwater tank

Sameness provides comfort and predictability for them but it drives me crazy. Yes, I realize that’s a short trip but the same thing, day in and day out is mind-numbing for me.

It’s sorta like I’m a freshwater fish trying to survive in a saltwater tank.

That’s actually a really good analogy.

Lizze and the boys are each in various places on the Autism spectrum and I’m not. They need things that I simply don’t. Things bother them that don’t even show up on my radar but there are things that bother me that don’t show up on there’s as well.

When you mix us together, it can produce chaotic and unpredictable results but that’s okay because it makes life interesting.

I guess one of the things that’s so frustrating for me is that I simply can’t see the world through their eyes. I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating their world but it’s not something that comes naturally, if that makes sense. There’s a great deal of trial and error involved on my part.

While I could just get up from the couch and spontaneously decide to take everyone to a movie, that doesn’t always go over well.

I happen to enjoy being spontaneous but that is largely incompatible with those on the Autism spectrum.

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You’re in a unique position. The struggle you experience is very similar to how it feels to be an autistic person surrounded by neurotypicals. The world is not built for us and our needs are often thrown aside as an inconvenience or too much trouble for something so minor.

It’s a blessing in disguise because I think it helps you to sympathize more with how it feels to be the different person in the room.

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