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I’m a freshwater fish in a saltwater tank

Those of you out there either on the spectrum or raising a child on the the spectrum, are probably all too familiar with how disruptive sudden changes to routine can be.

Anyway, this a challenge for me personally because I don’t experience the world the same way my wife and kids do. That means I tend to fumble and make things worse at times because I simply don’t get it.

On most days I’m overwhelmed but manage to keep my head above water. On most days, everyone is reasonably patient with me because they know I’m doing my best.

Unfortunately, there are also times when all of this is so overwhelming that I just can’t hold things together. That’s sorta where I’ve been today.

To be crystal clear, no one is doing anything wrong and I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world. The reality of my life however, is that it’s extremely challenging. That can take its toll at times and on days like today, I really struggle.

I do focus on myself as much as I can. My main thing is that I go walking every day. It helps me stay centered and maintain my sanity, especially when life gets to be a little too much.

I woke up this morning and could already feel how the day was going to be going. Despite it raining all day long, I went walking anyway because I knew I would need every advantage I could get in order to be the husband and father my family needed me to be.

Anyway, that’s just a little insight into my life. I’m not sure I’ve ever really shared this before but it’s context and that helps to keep things properly framed. ☺

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You’re in a unique position. The struggle you experience is very similar to how it feels to be an autistic person surrounded by neurotypicals. The world is not built for us and our needs are often thrown aside as an inconvenience or too much trouble for something so minor.

It’s a blessing in disguise because I think it helps you to sympathize more with how it feels to be the different person in the room.

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