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This is just 1 example of why being an #Autism parent is so exhausting

If he’s sick, I don’t want to send him. If it’s stress causing his tummy ache, we need to get to the bottom of it in order to help him work through it. There is rarely any in-between.

Long story short, I took Elliott to school, and Gavin to his appointment. I came home, talked with Emmett. Lizze had figured out that he was stressed out because he’s become the kids other students go to for help with their school work. Emmett has been choosing to stay in from their version of recess and essentially tutor kids that were struggling.

Apparently, he’s quite good at that.

The problem is that it’s become too much for him and it’s making him so stressed out that he’s feeling sick.

Emmett put this on himself. No one asked him to help anyone, he’s volunteered on his own. Once he got started however, he didn’t know how to stop and he very quickly became overwhelmed.

After a brief scuffle and some verbal gymnastics, I got him willing to go to school and talk to the staff about why he was so stressed out. On the way, I took him to breakfast and that helped redirect things even more.

We spoke with the principal and explained what was going on he told Emmett that he’s allowed to say no. If he’s able to help someone out and he’s in a position to do that, great. If he doesn’t feel like it and wants to go to recess instead, it’s important he does that.

Emmett immediately felt better and I double checked with him about whether or not he wanted me to call and check on him in a little bit. He told me he was fine, gave me a hug and went off to class.

I’m pretty fucking exhausted after that. I mean, I was exhausted before that but I can’t explain just how overwhelming this is for me and I’m a grown ass, neurotypical Dad. I can’t image how overwhelming this is for Emmett.

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