This is why my youngest with #Autism begged us to pull him out of his school – Page 4

This is why my youngest with #Autism begged us to pull him out of his school

Emmett was able to speak his mind and while he was clearly upset, he was very respectful.

The teachers were awesome. They listened and immediately made changes, so that rather than punishing the entire class, they’re going to reward those who are making better choices.

The issues in the class have also spilled into lunch in the cafeteria and playtime outside.

Emmett’s class has assigned seating at lunch now because of the same group of problem kids not getting along. For some reason, Emmett has been assigned to sit by himself at lunch, while the other kids sat with at least one other person. This was confirmed as well and we were very upset about that.

Emmett and a few other kids were essentially forced to sit and eat lunch by themselves. They’ve done nothing wrong and I’m still not understanding the logic behind this move but it’s fixed now. The teachers didn’t know about this until we brought it to their attention because it was the cafeteria supervisor that was responsible for this.

Emmett is no longer sitting by himself and he feels much better.

What bothers me about this is it appears that rather than putting the problem kids back in their place or holding them accountable for their actions, kids like Emmett are the ones paying the price.

Anyway, the teachers genuinely didn’t realize it was creating problems for Emmett. They were very sorry and they immediately addressed the problem.

I feel like this was a very positive outcome, at least thus far.

Emmett feels better about school and is excited to return again in the morning.

I wish this hadn’t happened but the teachers were awesome, Emmett was able to express himself and I’m comfortable with the outcome and explanation.

We did good and I’m thrilled that Emmett feels better about everything.

I seriously have to go to bed now. I’m struggling to stay awake.

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Both my sons had bullying issues. I don’t think our local schools addressed the issues properly. They got through it in their own ways but I’m not a supporter of our local schools, due to their mismanagement of special needs students.

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