My 18 year old with #Autism did two amazing things this week

I was incredibly overwhelmed last night but I’m feeling a bit better this morning. As a result of feeling a bit less overwhelmed by life, I’m able to puts some focus on a couple really positive things that Gavin has done over the last week.

There are loads of concerning issues as well but he’s done two things in particular that I want to talk about because it shows that there’s always hope. ☺

In order to appreciate these things, you need to adjust your expectations and keep in mind that Gavin is a six year old trapped inside an eighteen year olds body. Perspective is important.

That said……

Gavin came to me yesterday and informed me that he has diarrhea. Why is this significant?

The fact that he has diarrhea has nothing to really do with anything. This is significant because he actually told us about it in what appears to be real-time. He has a history of not telling us these things and we find out days, weeks or even months after the fact.

The fact that he brought it to our attention right away is something we’ve been trying to get him to do for a very long time. This is a very positive thing.

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