A major update on the mass in Gavin’s forearm

Real quick, I wanted to share a bit of good news. We heard back from the doctor today in regards to the mass in his forearm. The doctor sent us a message via My Chart and explained the results of the ultrasound.

She said it appears that the mass consists of fatty tissue. This is good news. ☺

We are supposed to monitor it for any shape or size changes and let her know if it ever becomes painful.

I did ask her a question about whether or not it was pressing against the vein and if so, should we be worried about that? Maybe I misunderstood what I saw in the ultrasound.

Either way, it’s good news that it’s apparently a fatty cyst or mass and nothing that we need to worry about.

Lizze and I feel better and Gavin definitely feels better. ☺

  • Caliallye Caliallye says:

    Congratulations! That’s such a relief! Bless your and your family!

  • Diane R Gorsline says:

    Happy to hear the good news!

  • Maria Hall Maria Hall says:

    I had wondered if that would be the case. I had one in my shoulder I had it removed and it is already coming back. My dad had them too. Weird.

  • Kim gebhardt says:

    That’s fantastic. Lipomas are pretty common and I’m glad that’s what this was. I’ve been looking for an update on Elliott’s appointment with the psychiatrist at Akron but haven’t seen anything. How did that go

    • Facebook Profile photo Rob Gorski says:

      I’m working on that. I’m just a bit scattered right now that the idea of writing about Elliott’s appointment is overwhelming me. It’s on my shortlist. Thanks for your patience. ☺

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