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How the @clevelandclinic gave us hope

This is the first bit of hope Lizze has had in a very long time. She’s had the same migraine for almost 7 years now. It never stops and often keeps her up at night.

We also talked about the IMATCH program again. This is what we thought was pain rehabilitation and I guess that’s sorta what it is but it was not explained very well to us the last time. We now have a very different understanding because it’s being run by new people and they did a fantastic job of explaining things. We totally had the wrong impression the last time.

Lizze and I aren’t sure what to do with that but she’s very open to it. Logistically, there are many things we’d have to figure out.

The big difference this time around is that her seeing the new doctor isn’t contingent on doing the IMATCH program. That’s what we were told the last time.

We also talked about a new device that can break migraines and/or significantly reduce the pain. It’s about $500 and not covered by insurance. I’ve reached out to the company and I’m waiting to hear back.

This was a hugely positive experience for Lizze and I both. We don’t even have to worry about insurance for the Aimovig because the manufacturer will give her the first years worth of treatments for free. If it works, insurance will pick it up after.

I can’t explain how awesome her new doctor is. Lizze is cautiously optimistic for the first time in forever. There’s a real chance that she can either see a reduction in pain or even see her migraine broken completely. The most likely scenario is that her pain will be reduced and perhaps she doesn’t have a migraine every single day. That would be significant progress. ☺

I’m so grateful that we found a doctor that not only takes her seriously but treats her with respect and is proactive in his approach to treatment.

Time will tell if the new medication will work but for the first time in a long time, she has a slight glimmer of hope. ☺

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This is all good news. The worst part of the last few years is that as Lizze has suffered the migraine, the stress would’ve increased the pain. (I know with being in daily chronic pain that I still have levels.) I can’t imagine the suffering Lizze has had to grow through. And it sounds like this experience will lead to a lessening and (hopefully) an end to this horrible migraine.

Cindy Jones

Awesome news!! I hope it works wonders for her.


OMG!!! I hope so so so much that she finds relief!

Marc Tomor

Pray it works…..that has to be torture….

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