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This #Autism Dad actually cooked tonight but here’s why that doesn’t happen very often

I finally got around to it this afternoon. I was able to get what you see below for only $29 out of pocket and that included a 4 years warranty.

I’ve never used a pressure cooker before but there’s a first time for everything. ☺

Emmett and I put everything together. I put the roast and veggies in. We set it for two hours and I went walking.

When the two hours were up, it was cooked perfectly. I think next time, I knock thirty minutes off and only cook it for ninety minutes total.

Anyway, Emmett loved the roast and he actually ate the potatoes. He was afraid to try the carrots but whatever, baby steps. This was progress for him and like I said, we don’t push.

Elliott wouldn’t touch it and of course, Gavin eats anything, so he was really happy.

I think this will turn out to be a really good purchase, even if it was unplanned and less than ideal.

Emmett may never be willing to eat roast again, as per his usual MO but I’ll take the victory today and run with it.

Feeding my kids is always challenging. Groceries are expensive, our budget has been slashed and when you have kids with the sensory challenges like mine do, there can end up being a great deal of waste.

If this new crockpot/pressure cooker can open up options for us, it will have been worth it.

Again, it’s very important to understand that kids with sensory issues will literally starve before eating something that is offensive to their senses. This is very serious. It’s outside of their control and there is very little that can be done to address this. Speech therapy helps but lots of love, patience, and understanding are definitely required.

Do your kids with Autism struggle with feeding issues related to sensory processing disorder? How do you manage? Leave your comments below and we’ll compare notes. ☺

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Shelley Bond

Both my boys go to feeding therapy and its really helped. Every time they eat something new is a win.

Shaydie Blue

I loved this post. You and your wife face so much yet lift your kids up instead of treating them li…


Preaching to the choir. In the middle of preparing the 2nd lunch of the day! My dear child couldn’t…


We had the same issue. My Logan would only eat pizza and white or beige foods: bread, chips, fries.…


Great work, Rob. And good for Emmett.

This year it seems that Gavin has lost a bit of ground mentally. It’s too bad. Not too long ago he lost a lot of his tubing for his infusions and throwing away an entire crockpot? Are you (and Lizze when up to it) even able to keep an eye on him with all the hullabaloo that busy, active boys with autism create? Anyway it sounds like the new crockpot is great. Hope Lizze can get her headphones soon.

Kim gebhardt

The crock pot has me confused as to how it got thrown away and no one A) noticed it in the garbage -or- B) noticed that it was missing.

Kim gebhardt

Good for Emmett for trying something new. Maybe letting him help you cook more often will get him to try other foods too. I’m curious why Elliott wouldn’t even touch it? What about it was so unappealing to him and would the old standby of covering it in ketchup work? And to Gavin, if he is such a good eater why has he gotten so skinny that the doctors are having him drink ensure? I always associate that with malnourishment in elderly people but I know people of any age can become malnourished. Is his metabolism super high so that he just doesn’t gain weight or is he not eating enough? Judging from my nephews boys at Gavin’s age simply can’t get to eat.

Kim gebhardt

Cant get *enough* to eat.

Cindy Jones

Out of curiosity, may I ask what it is the boys eat if you don’t cook? I can’t imagine having to purchase pre-made or processed food. Where I live it is much more expensive to do that then to purchase groceries and prepare meals yourself.


I hear you on the food issues. It drives me completely batty. Well done on your victory today. And kudos to Lizze for such a selfless act.

~ One Love ~

Just read your story. You are a saint, you have a lot’s of patience, the only way with kid’s mind. Brilliant read RT’ing now

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