Gavin is making sure Santa is taken care of this Christmas

Gavin is making sure Santa is taken care of this Christmas

One of the things weighing very, very heavy on Gavin, our almost 19 year old son with Autism, is Christmas. He loves everything about the holiday, especially Santa.

For the last few weeks, Gavin has been talking about Santa and what he’s going to ask Santa to bring him this year.

It’s very safe to say that Gavin is a strong believer in Santa Claus and as a result, he takes what he feels are his own personal responsibilities very seriously.

Yesterday Gavin insisted that we bake Santa fresh cut-out cookies because Santa does so much for us, it’s the least we can do. I simply said in response, that we could pick some up the nest time we’re at the store. That’s unacceptable to Mr. Gavin because they aren’t fresh baked.

We don’t even have a working oven and he knows this but he won’t let it go.

I suppose we can use the toaster over for a small batch of cookies. I can pick up some basic stuff while I’m at the store getting things for this week’s school lunches. I was thinking of cookie cutters that are Christmas themed but nothing too fancy.

Hopefully, Gavin will be able to relax a bit if we get everything ready, so we can just bake them the night before.

Admittedly, his excitement can get to be a little much but it’s only ever like this on Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc… Lol

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Rob, what do you all use to cook? A small toaster oven and a microwave? I have a friend without a stove but they have a 3 burner thing to set up on counter, and possibly a pressure cooker and a crockpot.

I guess where I’m going with this is I’m trying to gauge your actual needs in terms of cooking and food.

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