Here’s a MASSIVE update from just the last 24 hours

Here’s a MASSIVE update from just the last 24 hours

The last 24 hours have been quite challenging and I’m going to explain why over the next few pages.

Last night, Lizze and I did end up seeing a movie. It was awesome to get out for a little while. Unfortunately, Lizze wasn’t feeling well after the show, so we cut the night short.

No sooner did we get home than I got a call from Elliott saying that while they were visiting family, Emmett got bit by a dog that was there. Elliott was freaking out, Emmett was freaking out and I was trying to piece together what happened. Lizze’s mom was trying to explain but Elliott wasn’t making it easy.

Long story short, I was pissed the fuck off about the dog. It’s family, which complicates things. m Emmett however, is okay and the dog is up to date with shots.

It appears the bite was unprovoked and that bothers me. Emmett was really upset and ended up coming home.

I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw pictures Elliott sent of the bite, I was through the roof. I had to call my Dad and ranted in order to calm myself down before Emmett arrived home. We weren’t sure if he would have to be seen and I needed to be centered, in order to be there for him. I didn’t want to make anything worse.

Once we saw it, we were very upset that it happened but he was okay and the pictures made it look much worse. The skin wasn’t broken and taking him in would have been more trauma for him.

Emmett ended up calming down and going back to Grandma’s for the rest of the night. We figured it would be a good distraction for him and he wanted to go back.

As a medic, dog bites were pretty common. This is just the first time one of our kids have been bitten and it’s different when it’s your own kids.

He’s still sore but he’s gonna be fine. We simply won’t be allowing the kids to return to this particular house, at least as long as that dog exists there.

To be very clear, this had nothing to do with Lizze’s parents, who handled things very well and we are of course, absolutely grateful for that. They really did great.

Speaking for myself, I’m not really mad at anyone but I’m mad that it happened. Does that make sense?

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Wow, you had enough challenges for a month (or a year?) in one day. Hope things go better. By the way, aren’t dog bites supposed to be reported? Because if the dog bit your son for no reason, it could bite anyone for no reason.

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