I’ve had better days

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I’ve been thinking about how to describe the way I’m feeling and the only thing I can come up with is that I’ve had better days. I know that sounds pretty generic but its all I have at the moment. I’m not in a really good place and I’m struggling to sorta keep the ship righted.

I’m completely exhausted both physically and emotionally. I didn’t sleep last night and I can feel depression taking hold of me.

There’s too much happening all at once and I’m bogged down, no longer able to process things right now. All I want to do is shutdown for a little while but unfortunately, that’s simply not an option. I have too many things that I have to figure out in the next couple of days and they aren’t going to figure themselves out.

I have to run out to the store but I don’t want to do anything at all.

I did make myself go walking this afternoon because I cannot let that slide. It’s very important that I continue focusing on weight loss, selfcare and personal betterment. That’s much bigger then just me. I do that because my family deserves the best version of me possible.

Life goes on, even after the loss of a loved one. I’m feeling lost but I have to find a way to work through these obstacles because there’s simply too much riding on that for me to drop the ball here.

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  • Go and talk to a psychologist to get your issues off your chest. Do it for yourself ❤️

  • You have my support, friend. Tomorrow has to be better, right?

  • BeckyW says:

    I know it seems hard. But as a little time begins to pass we do start thinking of our loved one and the goods times. They are always a part of us.

  • Kendra Pearson says:

    Keep fighting Rob! And please email me about the Cefaly unit! I will send it free! Kendra.pearson1987@gmail.com

  • big craig big craig says:

    Keep fighting the good fight brother #Autismfamily