Unexpected change in plans

Unexpected change in plans

It’s been a longer day today and that’s not always a bad thing. I have the boys at therapy but after waiting for about 30 minutes, our therapist came out and let us know that she’d changed us to 5 PM but forgot to tell us.. Opps..

We’re already halfway there and the kids are doing okay, so we shall wait..no big deal. ☺

Pardon my French but, shit happens and if we don’t learn to roll with the punches, we’re gonna get knocked the fuck out.

I’m struggling today on an emotional level because I’m very preoccupied with my upcoming oral surgery. Depression has these thoughts playing on a loop inside my head and my newest uninvited emotional houseguest anxiety, is feeding off of that.

That said, I’m working very hard to not allow this internal struggle to manifest in an outward way because it could then impact those around me.

I’m exhausted and worn out but not giving up. 😉

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