Turns out that -3°F is too cold for school

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Shortly before bed last night, we got a message that school was already canceled due to cold tempratures. That means a four day weekend has now become a five day weekend.

The kids are excited and that’s a good. It’s also nice not to have to haul everyone around in those tempratures.

Thankfully, all we have today is my appointment this afternoon and therapy for the kids tonight. It’s already starting to warm up and we’re currently sitting at a scorching 5°F.

Hope everyone is staying warm.

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  • You obviously don’t live in MN! School would be out most of January and February

    • BeckyW says:

      I agree. I lived through 2 Minnesota winters and remember being relieved…when the temps went all the way UP to zero. Minnesotans just plow their roads and keep going. I loved living there and wish we could’ve stayed.

  • @andrewmorrisuk who knew?

  • Casey Casey says:

    -3F is too cood for anything.