I’ve found an oral surgeon

I had my consult with my new oral surgeon today. I’m terrified by the idea of having my wisdom teeth removed and even going to the consult was rough.

After sitting down with my new doctor, I feel so much better. ☺

He explained the procedure and what to expect. There’s nothing even remotely complicated about my procedure. I was worried about the impaction but he said it’s not a problem.

My top two teeth will take less than 5 minutes each and the impacted one will take about 10 minutes.

I’ll benefit from general anesthesia, so I’ll be completely asleep and will wake up after it’s all over with. I’ll be asleep for a total of about 40 minutes all together and that’s it. I should be in and out of the office in about an hour.

I won’t have to worry about antibiotics afterwards because I’ll receive IV antibiotics, as well as anti-nausea meds.

While I’m not excited about this, I feel loads better about the process.

As I mentioned before, we’re planning this around Lizze’s stuff in Cleveland and so we’re looking at about a month, maybe two before I’ll have this done. There’s no rush and I just need to schedule it about a week before I’m ready.

That’s it.

I feel incredibly blessed to have figured this out and for the that, I’m grateful. ☺

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Laurie M.

Progress 🙂 Hang in there!

Samantha McComas

I remember having all 4 of mine removed when they began shifting my teeth after braces. My crappy b… https://t.co/tPkkdRV75Q

Kimmy gebhardt

Does your insurance cover general anesthesia? That’s an out of pocket expense on mine. They would cover part of the extraction but being put to sleep is on me.

Kimmy gebhardt

Oh man. I thought this was a necessary procedure? Shouldn’t insurance cover something? That sucks.

Kimmy gebhardt

WOW. That’s awful. Glad you did your reasearch first.


Hi! I’m glad you are coping with idea of the surgery much better! I understand it is standard procedure to extract wisdom teeth in US? In most of the rest of the world wisdom teeth are left alone unless they cause problems or you need space for orthodontic treatment. At your age those teeth are very unlikely to cause any problems. There is nothing in humans body for no reason at all, so the need of extracting them is questionable need, but i guess people just go by professionals’ advice and the advice depends on their school. I am 40, i have my wisdom teeth and wouldn’t let them go without a good reason!