Just a super quick note -

Just a super quick note

So, I’m sorry that I’ve been absent from here recently or at least not writing as much as I normally do. I’m spread so thin right now and I’m having to puts some things down.

I wanted to quickly post an update because Gavin is heading back to Akron Children’s Hospital this morning. This is a follow-up with his gastro. He’s having some problems and I need to try and find him some help.

Lizze and I will have to divide and conquer today because she’s has to not only be somewhere else during Gavin’s appointment but she’s also making sure the kids get picked up from school.

I’m not feeling super enthusiastic about today but we need to get through it.

I wish you all the best today and I’ll be back in a bit to post details about today’s episode of The Autism Dad Podcast. ☺

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I listened to the podcast about meltdowns and it was good. It’s not a slick, well-oiled machine but a sweet, charming podcast with real people, with real autism problems. Loved it!

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