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Major Update

After about five phones calls back and forth, it was decided that she would see Emmett Friday, June 28, 2019. At the time of writing, that was yesterday.

We doubled up and got Gavin’s bloodwork done at the same time.

Emmett’s appointment went very well. She was very open to helping Emmett until he gets into Behavioral Health.

I don’t know exactly what the issue had been, but I got the impression that they were thinking I was asking her to just call something in. In that context, the resistance makes perfect sense.

We very quickly got on the same page, and Emmett was evaluated. Prozac was deemed appropriate, and he will soon begin taking 10mg a day. We check back in two weeks to let her know how he’s doing.

I’m hoping he’s able to get started today because he’s very much struggling. We have to wait for the script to get filled first.

Emmett is very excited to get started because he wants to feel better.

We’re going to have to keep a close eye on him as he’s adjusting to the medication. Antidepressants in kids can be a bit tricky, and we need to be very careful.

For now, we’re feeling very good about all of this and hope it makes a positive difference in his life. 🙂

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It’s my understanding and experience that going on Prozac (or generic) will take weeks to show effects on a patient. Is it different for children?


I was given it due to PMS. It took a good month for me to have signs it was working, and then the dosage had to be reduced as it was too high for my weight back then (I was once slender). And of course children respond differently than adults.

I did end up using it until I went through menopause.

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