I wish it weren’t like this

My wife and I don’t get that many breaks. That said, we do get more than many others out there, and we’re grateful for what we get.

The boys left about 2 PM today. After they left, the bulk of my day was spent sleeping. I crashed for almost six hours. I’m so worn out, and the stress of everything is getting to me.

As soon as the kids left, I didn’t have to be awake anymore.

There were a million things I should have been doing, but my body just needed to shut down. It’s so hard to get people to understand how stressful being an Autism parent is. I’m tired. I’m overwhelmed, and at this moment in time, I feel like things are never going to get better.

When we get a break, I want to do something. I want to make the most of the time we have, but it never works out that way.

It’s like I have to hold things together for so long, the moment I can let my guard down, I crash. I wish I could make more productive use of my free time, but at least I get some rest.

Hopefully, I’ll actually sleep tonight and feel better in the morning.

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