My morning so far -

My morning so far

I feel like I slept pretty well last night. I was able to get up early and go walking. It’s a gorgeous morning, and the temps were perfect.

About halfway through the first lap, I was approached by the new ducks at the park. I think they look pretty cool. They’re very friendly and not afraid of people at all.

I’m so glad I got my walk in because I missed yesterday and it’s really important to me that I do this.

There is nothing on the agenda today that I’m aware of. The only thing I need to figure out is what’s going on with the kids and this birthday party, or rather the logistics of it.

Outside of that, I want to get caught up on laundry and some writing.

Tomorrow we are going to work at my grandma’s house. We need to get it ready to sell, and as much as that sucks, it’s a necessary evil. I’m not looking forward to being a part of this.

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