Remembering to focus on the positive -

Remembering to focus on the positive

I used to do something called Today’s Victory. It’s basically where I close the day off by focusing on something positive from our day. Over the years, I sorta forgot about it, and much of that was due to my ongoing war with depression. It was harder for me to find the positive.

Self-care isn’t just about taking care of your physical health but also taking care of your emotional health as well.

One of the reasons I pushed so hard to focus on the positive is because when I did that, I was better able to combat the overwhelming sense of despair I was feeling. Being an Autism Dad is not easy. It’s not.

Despair has a way of creeping up and taking root without really making its presence known. It quietly whispers in your ear and can push hope out of your life.

When you make it a point to find something positive in each day, it really helps to keep things in perspective. It’s very easy to feel like everything is falling apart. I feel like that myself at times, but consciously choosing to recognize that despite how bad things might feel, there are still things worth celebrating, helps me stay centered.

Beginning today, I will do my very best to end each day on a positive note. I will share something positive that happened and end my day on that note.

I would encourage all of you to try and do the same thing yourself. No matter how bad things are, do your best to find something positive and feel free to share it in the comments below. 😊

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