I almost forgot about this

I almost forgot about this

It’s been an interesting day in my house. Interesting isn’t really good or bad, it’s just interesting, maybe a little bit of both.

I apologize in advance if this doesn’t make a great deal of sense. I’m exhausted and I keep falling sleep.

I’m really proud of all three of the kids because they are making progress in their own way. Elliott and Emmett are working through their emotional distress and finding it a bit easier to make it through the school day. I know it’s not easy for them but they’re doing great and I’m hoping it continues to get easier and easier.

Elliott is also opening up and talking to me about his feelings. That’s so fucking awesome. I know I can’t fix anything or most things for him anyway, but I working on my listening skills. He needs to be able to speak about how he feels and I’m so grateful that he’s reaching out to me. I worry about him so much.

Emmett is doing well on the outside but like his older brother, there’s much more going on beneath the surface.

Mr. Gavin is doing well also. He’s walking almost every day and he’s doing so at a decent pace. The secret was, he needs to listen to music while he’s walking. He’s up to 1.5 miles each morning and next week we’re going to bump the distance up by 50%. He’s excited to be making progress and frankly, so am I.

The kids were picked up from school by their mom and grandma. They were able to spend the rest of the afternoon on a visit that seems to have gone well. That’s fantastic and I feel really good about that.

Before bed, we worked on a game together and had a blast doing so.

Everyone is asleep but Elliott. He’s avoiding sleep because I believe he’s having upsetting dreams and he’s trying to avoid them.

One of the times he came down to talk to me, he reminded me that I needed to make and bake fresh pepperoni rolls before I went to bed. That would have been a big problem in the morning.

I made another kickass batch of pepperoni rolls and the boys will be happy come lunchtime. ☺

I’m making some serious progress in the buy a new car department as well. Couple of hiccups but it should be workable. The challenge is finding a car, van or SUV that has more room than our current car does. The kids need more leg room in the backseat.

This needs to happen sooner rather than later because our current car, a 2004 Impala is quite literally on its death bed.

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Oh I know about cars. My 99 Camry has done very well for us, but it is now looking a tad ratty with rust. I’ve been setting aside money to get a better used vehicle. I’ve got about enough but a little more money would help. So good on you if you can afford a car!

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