It’s been a month and a half since my 16 year marriage ended and here’s how I’m holding up

It’s been a month and a half since my 16 year marriage ended and here’s how I’m holding up

People keep asking how I’m doing with everything going on in my life. I know what they’re asking, without really asking and I truly appreciate the concern. I thought it would be easier to just put a short update together, rather than continue to answer individual questions.

It’s been about a month and a half since the kids and I have been on our own and all things considered, I’m doing okay. That’s not to say that I’m not struggling though.

It’s been over a month since Emmett took my wedding ring off my finger and you can still see where it was. I don’t wear a ring anymore because A) it stands for something that no longer exists and B) it’s upsetting for the kids. 😔 💔

There are significant challenges that I’m facing and struggling with. Some are emotional in nature and others are more physical.

Emotionally, I’m overwhelmed and I sometimes feel completely lost. These emotions are very complicated and conflicting at times as well. I feel heartbroken, angry, rejected, unwanted, unlovable, worthless, insufficient, scared, resentful and incredibly lonely.

All of my plans for the future have been scrapped and there’s nothing I can do about it. Accepting that is challenging in and of itself.

The grieving process is complicated because living with my kids full time, means I get very little time to myself. While they know I’m hurting too, it’s my job to be there for them and not the other way around. They may see me in moments of weakness but I do everything I can to limit those moments. They’re struggling enough on their own and I don’t need to add to their already overburdened lives.

If I keep my mind occupied, and focused on moving forward, I’m better for it.

If I could snap my fingers and put all this shit behind me I would. Unfortunately, this is going to be a process and it starts with a stack of paperwork about an inch think. I need to bite the bullet and get this done but I’m so overwhelmed by it. I’m also already spread so thin that the resources alone that I need to get through this are sorely lacking.

The bulk of my energy is going into the kids and it’s pretty goddamn exhausting.

At the moment, I’m worried about the kids, their physical/emotional wellbeing, school attendance, replacing our car, keeping everyone fed, covering all the bills, writing, working, recording and stabilizing my income so I can better provide for my kids. Frankly, it was a struggle before she left, now it’s even harder. At the same time, there’s one less person I need worry about. Although, truthfully, I worry anyway.

While all of this may seem doom and gloom, it’s not. As I said, all things considered, I’m doing okay.

I haven’t cried in a good long while. I’m slowly pulling myself up off the ground and beginning to move forward. It’s a slow process and that is frustrating to me but 16 years of marriage is a long time. It’s gonna take some time for me to get through this.

I’m in therapy each week, I’m back walking everyday and I’m taking my meds like I’m supposed to. I’m writing more regularly and that’s always a positive thing.

There’s gonna be baggage I carry with me as a result of this but I’m hoping to minimize that if at all possible.

My hope is that this isn’t the end for me. I don’t want to go through life alone. I someday hope to find what I thought I had all along. That’s really scary for me. It’s one of the things that I worry about.

No one wants to start their life over at 40. I’m at the top of that list.

At the end of the day, I’m surviving. Sometimes I’m sad and I do have bad days. All that said, I have 3 really good reasons to keep pushing ahead and I’m so incredibly lucky to have them in my life everyday. On the darker days, that’s what gets me through it.

Thankfully, those darker days are fewer and farther between. If I can just get through this tunnel, I feel like the future is much brighter on the other side.

As always, I truly appreciate your compassion and support.

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Hello. i am taking a class on how to blog. We had to choose a blog that encourages, inspires us. I have a 17 year old grandson who is Autistic. My blog will focus on the Adventures we have together. You have inspired me beyond belief. My hat’s off to you for what you are committed to doing and continues to do. Keep up the excellent work and look for the rewards that will surely come your way.


It’s awful to be dumped and it does make you question your own worth. But the truth is that your worth is not determined by one relationship or one person’s actions. You are a strong and kind and giving person – and you will find someone in the future and you will look back and say, “things turned out for the best”. Like how getting fired from your job as a miner can save you from getting lung cancer. Bad in the moment, but for the best in the long term.

And hey (lighter side) — being a single 40-year-old guy? Most in-demand demographic in the country. If you moved to NY or SF, you’d be beating them off with sticks…


I split with my wife two years ago and now I’m a single dad to four, it’s tough man and although some days you won’t feel it you’re doing amazing! The best thing I learned in that horrific first year is things don’t end they change, the end of a relationship is not the end of your life. Kids need stability and love, they need freedom to ask questions and things to look forward to.

I had my time Chaim smoking and drinking and punching holes in kitchen cabinets when the kids weren’t around, but when they were I did little things for them to look forward to – dvd night, spaghetti madness night (stolen from the movie Hancock), Saturdays at the park having NERF wars etc. Just stupid shit that would remind them life can still be fun.

I’ve got BPD, so I used my lows for building dens and movies and cuddles, my highs for trampoline parks and swimming. Just take one day at a time mate, doesn’t matter how small the steps are, as long as slowly you’re moving forward


It’s just hard since it’s been 6 weeks. 3 months, 6 months…you’ll hit a point and realize that your life is going on. (I haven’t been through what you’re going through but other tragedies.) Things that hurt like hell will become bearable, and won’t weigh you down as hard. And you have your sons too.

Nancy A Schlagheck

You are not “starting over” even as it feels that way. You are challenged to move forward with new knowledge and with your kids. I stand in awe of you!

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