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The struggle is real but it’s not all bad

I mentioned I wanted to end on a positive note and intend to do just that.

Emmett has been in a lot of physical and emotional pain. The emotional stuff has led to more physical pain in the form of fever disorder related mouth sores. He’s been doubly miserable for over a week now.

The good news is that it looks like we may be nearing the end of this cycle. The bad news is he’s still in a lot of pain.

This weekend, Emmett and I worked together on a new puzzle. I think I talked about that yesterday a little bit. Anyway, it’s proving to be an amazing distraction and he’s completely enthralled. This kid spent almost the entire afternoon working on this thing. It’s 1000 pieces and that’s the biggest he’s taken on this far.

He’s totally owning it though and has made serious progress. I’ve helped but he’s hands down the biggest contributor here.

I’m going to need to figure out a budget for these puzzles or maybe a sponsorship because he’s knocking these things out pretty quick.

It’s a very positive way to channel his energies right now. He’s currently spending more time on these puzzles than his phone and I love that.

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Can’t believe Emmett is doing 1000 piece puzzles. He must have that puzzle-type of mind!

My family also does puzzles for fun and relaxation. They pair well with books read outloud from audible. Soooo – I’ve got many many 1000 piece puzzles. Mostly we do art puzzles, but I’ve got also some animal puzzles (maybe that is more what Emmett would be into?). I am happy to send however many you want or (if it’s easier) send you one whenever the old one is almost done.


That’s good. I hope you all can have a better week, too.

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