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It’s been a few days since I’ve written anything of substance about my life. There are reasons for that many of those reasons are simply life related. Life is not easy for families like mine and I am not an exception to that rule.

I’ve been working as much as possible because we need the income and much of that is digital marketing and behind the scenes stuff. Nothing you would probably notice, like a new post.

The kids have been struggling but at the same time, they’re back to school regularly and I’m not getting ransom calls during the day anymore, telling me I have to come pick them up. That’s hugely positive and I’m grateful for that because it’s forward progress.

Elliott has been emotionally distant. His body language is screaming something’s upsetting me but I don’t want to talk about it. I do know that it’s mostly related to his mom and I know that because he and I had a very honest conversation with her on the phone the other night. Elliott unloaded quite a bit and asked some of the more specific questions that have been eating away at him.

Not all of his questions were answered but many were and she handled this situation really well, especially considering the impromptu nature of it.

It was very emotional but well received. As positive as it was, I do think that Elliott is experiencing what we’ve dubbed as an emotional hangover. He just needs time to process things.

The next related topic is filed under totally didn’t see that coming.

The other night, after everyone was in bed, Gavin became hysterical and I’m talking sobbing uncontrollably.

He basically said that he was tired of the chaos. He’s tired of Elliott and Emmett being angry with their mom and he’s tired of everyone fighting all the time. While I don’t necessarily think his portrayal of events is totally accurate, it really doesn’t matter because it’s how he’s perceiving things and how he’s feeling about what he’s perceiving.

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