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I’m sorry it’s depressing but it’s my life

The boys are frustrated with Gavin because he shows no emotion about his mom leaving. He blindly believes her reasons for leaving and doesn’t question anything. The boys find that very frustrating, especially when Gavin feels the need to defend his mom from their harsh but true words.

As for me, I’m hanging on by a thread.

I need a fucking maid to help me get the house caught up and significantly more energy than I have to maintain it. I walk around hating the house because it needs so much work or repairs. Last week alone we had two major events involving law enforcement within feet of my house. It’s scary and unfortunately, moving has been pushed way down the list because I had to take on a large (at least for me) car payment. What’s worse than a pipe dream? That’s about what my chances are of getting out of this house.

It’s not all bad. I’m doing well with the podcast, and have interviews booked out for weeks. That’s awesome because I’m gaining new sponsors and that means I’m actually getting paid to do this now. It is frustrating because I don’t have an ideal setup and ambient noise is a major issue. My laptop is only a few years old but it’s struggling sometimes with the workload I’m putting on it. I really need a solid desktop setup like I used to have. Laptop are convenient but often lack the power needed to run some of the programs I need very efficiently. It can be a bottleneck at times. It’s workable but it takes more time right now.

I’ve got so many requests for interviews I can’t keep up. I have to find a way though because my kids need to eat.

There’s just so much on my plate anymore and I’m having a really hard time maintaining my sanity.

I know this will pass and life will get better but for right now, I’m drowning. I’m sorry this sounds so depressing but it’s my life right now and you come here for honesty, right?

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In a way, I get Gavin. I know I accept what people say at face value, at least until their actions prove otherwise. So when I meet a stranger I’m predisposed to think kindly. I’m optimistic about people while being pessimistic about society as a whole. So anyway, I’m sure you all are suffering enough.

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