Is it just me or would this freak anyone else out?

Is it just me or would this freak anyone else out?

In the good news category this morning, I can share that Emmett made it almost the entire night in his own bed. I say almost because about 5AM he woke up with a nose bleed and was unable to go back to sleep.

It wasn’t a bad one but it was enough that it took some time to manage. He’s fine now.

I had my bedroom door shut last night because I slept with my balcony door open and didn’t want to freeze the rest of the house.

When Emmett came into my room, he apparently startled Ruby because she barked like crazy. That jolted me awake. I threw the blanket off and jumped out of bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize Ruby was laying there and she got tossed across the bed in the process. It all happened so fast, but she’s fine. I feel really bad about that but I didn’t know she was there and it wasn’t like I was thinking. I was reacting.

I have this thing about people walking into the room while I’m sleeping.

When Gavin was little, and this was probably before I started writing, he had some really creepy behaviors. Creepy isn’t really the right word. It’s more like scary behaviors.

Back then, he was just starting to hear voices and they ordered him to do things in the middle of the night. Gavin called the loudest voice his Lego Boss. The Lego Boss would wake him up in the middle of the night and make his build these elaborate Lego creations. That was concerning enough, but when the voice told him to do bad things to people, it was really scary. That’s how Gavin would describe it. He would say his Lego Boss wanted him to do bad things to people.

Anyway, the reason I’m taking you on this trip down memory lane is because of what started happening next.

There was a period of time after this started happening where I would roll over in the middle of the night to find Gavin’s standing next to my bed, with his face about 6 inches from mine.

It scared the shit out of me and it happened more than once. There were times he’d just be standing in the corner of the room. I’d wake up and just see a shadowy figure in the corner. Sometimes he would just tell us he was watching us sleep. It was super fucking creepy.

Ever since then, I don’t like sleeping with my back to the bedroom door. I want to know the moment someone enters my room. I still get freaked out about this a decade later.

Another fun fact before I call it a night.

I’ve been nonstop today and as a result, this post literally took me about 12 hours to finish. Better late than never.. ☺

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