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Here’s what’s up with my @GoFundMe and how you can help

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I wanted to breakdown everything and explain what the fund will used for. Please keep in mind that these numbers are not exact but rather a best estimate, and in some cases, a low estimate. Also, it’s really important to understand that traveling with 3 Autistic kids is very challenging, and more expensive, especially when 1 of them has fragile health. I try to be prepared for anything but the unexpected can arise and I have to be able to deal with it.

The main categories here are: Food, Fuel, Hotel, Ancillary, Emergency, Car Rental and Boarding for our Dog

• Food ($800): We will be gone for 7 days. That’s 21 meals x 4 people. While some of the meals will be covered, for the first 3 nights at the hotel, I don’t know how much for sure and whether my kids will eat what’s there. My kids have many sensory issues, especially around food and I have a very difficult time feeding them at home as a result. $800 for food over 7 days averages to only $38/meal for my entire family (not per person), which is going to make it very tight but doable.

• Fuel ($450): This will depend on numerous factors but based on current prices, estimated fuel tank and mileage, I’m looking at roughly $60 to fill the tank. This is about a 2200 mile round trip. That would be roughly 7 tanks of gas in total. Roughly $450

• Hotel ($800): This is pretty straightforward. We will stop once on the way down, once on the way back and 2 days in Orlando that are not covered. That’s a total of 4 days at roughly $150 – $200/night.

• Ancillary & Emergency ($700): Ancillary and other unexpected expenses are things that we need for the trip as well as the unexpected expenses that can and often do arise when you’re a special needs family. $700

• Boarding for our Dog ($300): We have to board our dog for 10 days and that’s roughly $300

• Rental car ($500): This is necessary because our car is too small for a 40 hour, cross country road trip. We will also be driving through the mountains during the winter and if available AWD is important. Based on current prices, the cost of the rental for that time frame is roughly $450 – $500 in total.

Visit the GoFundMe

I know we are asking for a bit more than what is requested, but these are low estimates and we want to make sure we’re as ready as possible for this journey. I totally understand is you’re hesitant. Frankly, I’m can be skeptical of these things as well. I would encourage you to visit and get to know us a little bit. I’ve been a respected public figure in the Autism community for over a decade.

I was invited to do something that I think can be very positive for the Autism community and my mission is to bring back valuable information to my readers, listeners, and followers, as well as give back to an amazing organization. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you follow our journey, you know that I’m incredibly transparent about everything. I welcome your questions and appreciate your support. ☺

The goal is to have the funds ready by February 7, 2020. For safety and security, I won’t provide the exact dates but I will be posting updates along the way.

Visit the GoFundMe

Again, you can learn more about our story by visiting:


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