The good news and the bad news

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While we’re on the topic of Gavin’s IVIG Infusions, we had a hickup with this month’s delivery. Apparently, his prescription had run out and they were unable to connect with his doctor to get it refilled in time. I followed up with his doctor this morning and they have already sent in his refill. I simply need to wait for the supply company to make the delivery.

This is good news or at the very least, the silver lining for today.

The less pleasant news centers around Emmett and school. I spoke with the principal again today to gain a better understanding of our options. Apparently, home instruction may not be a viable option. As a result, I cancled the meeting for Tuesday morning. What I’ve decided to do was meet with Dr. Pattie on Tuesday night and come up with a few ideas of how to help Emmett get back into school. After that, I’ll take the new ideas to the school and then have something to discuss. The principal agreed and I called Emmett’s mom to invite her to meet with myself and Dr. Pattie on Tuesday night.

This is going to require all hands on deck because there are considerable obstacles we need to overcome. I’m really stressed out because one of the options is withdrawing him from school all together and home school him. That responsibility would fall squarely on my shoulders and while I would gladly do it if it’s deemed necessary, but it’s going to add a great deal more stress to my already overwhelming life.

I’m hoping to get through this tomorrow, after coming up with some workable ideas.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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The therapists of the world do us all so much good service. I totally hope you can get Emmett back to school.

Curtis G.

Great job Gavin!

Diane R Gorsline

I hope you can find a plan that is workable for all of you! If it comes down to withdrawing him from the local school, does Ohio have any virtual charter school?


Ohio does have some online charter schools. My youngest went to one awhile in high school before he got too ill to do it. I thought Ohio Connections Academy was all right for him. However, it would be more hands-on for Rob since Emmett is younger.


Why might home instruction not work? Didn’t you do something like that for Gavin? If it comes down to homeschooling couldn’t Lizze do part of it?

Audrey Ashkin

You will figure it out! (that’s my mantra but I will share it with you :-))
I know how stressful school can be for these kiddos and it breaks my heart. Perhaps a combination of homeschool and “school” will relieve enough stress and give Emmett time to re-regulate(if that’s the struggle). Also, if homeschooling becomes the first choice, you are not alone. There are support systems for that as well. I’m new to this blog, and am impressed by your strength and devotion.