If my sensory sensitive kids with #Autism can wear a mask, WTF is your excuse? – Page 3

If my sensory sensitive kids with #Autism can wear a mask, WTF is your excuse?

I really hope the next few weeks go smoothly because I really want this to happen for all of them, but I digress.

I know I sorta went off on a tangent there and that’s okay because it’s still therapeutic for me and maybe even interesting for you.

Yes, I’m struggling right now. I’m under a great deal of pressure and can’t really do much about it. My anxiety is a bit higher lately which can be distracting and depression is kicking my ass. I’m not sleeping well either because I can’t shut my brain off and that’s not helping matters at all. I’m hoping that writing will help me fall asleep tonight.

I’m working very hard to make good use this seemingly endless time. My goal is to come out the other end of this COVID-19 lockdown tunnel, in a better place then when we entered.

I want to use this time to get myself into better shape physically and achieve some much needed financial security as well. It would definitely be an added bonus if I can come out of this whole thing emotionally salvageable as well. I know all three of these goals are very possible and the good thing is, I have plenty of time to work on them.

I’m stronger than I give myself credit for and I know I will get myself and the kids through this difficult time in our lives. It’s important that I keep reminding myself of that because it’s easy to lose perspective, especially when you’ve been staring at the walls for 98 days straight.

As for writing, I’ve been working a lot and honestly, when I went on hiatus with the podcast, I sorta found it easier to take a break from everything. I really need to make an effort to write regularly because it helps me to better manage everything in my life. I’m really going to try and do better. I know this isn’t the first time I’ve said that but all I can do is keep trying.


Please take COVID-19 seriously. There are many people out there, like my son, who are counting on everyone to be responsible. I really don’t see why it’s so hard to wear a mask when out in public. We do it for you, please do it for us.

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You’re absolutely able to do what you feel is right for your children and family. However, I find it crazy that nobody is fighting for the rights of us who don’t feel that our children with autism should be forced to comply. I refuse to do this to my 2 sons, and I feel that’s ok, with their diagnosed disability. I saw on another article in this that they said all it takes is mask sensitizing and therapy. What?!! Like that’s ALL it takes. I’m not going to ever subject my kids to that. I have other priorities for them in therapy. Like developing independent social skills that will enable them to be successful in their life. This is not something I should have to be forced to do TO them. Again- you are doing what you feel is right for your family, I’m just expressing my disappointment that the rights of anyone with autism are being ignored and taken away, and that it is quietly being allowed.

Curtis G.

My wife, my eldest son with autism and myself went to the park for the first time to get out of the house and get some exercise. I was shocked to see with all the people in the park(adults and young children) no one was wearing masks except only two other people in the entire park. Yesterday we went to a discount grocery store to shop. Most of the shoppers wore masks but one man, not wearing a mask, who I don’t know from Adam, came up to me and tried to convince me that I no longer needed to wear a mask. He made up a story saying our state government in Pa. had just said today that masks were not needed. He wasn’t a nasty or obnoxious guy but I was not interested in getting into a debate with a stranger regarding wearing masks. I told him that it was my choice to protect myself and my family and we all chose to wear masks and turned and walked away from him. I am totally astounded how brain dead the “non maskers” are and cannot understand that it’s not just them and they are a danger to other people if they are positive infected but don’t know it. I don’t know what has happened to people today. I appears that good common sense is now becoming a rare commodity and the need to be able to go to the beach, sporting events or any group activity or have fun is more important than saving lives. This bothers me to no end, since my autistic son has various medical issues as well.

Ami Hart

Im an autistic adult and I barely can wear masks. It physically hurts and after about 5 mins I can barely stand it anymore so I just don’t go nowhere and try to stay away from crowds but I stayed away from ppl even if there wasn’t covid 19 not a ppl person. So covid hasn’t changed my life that much. I love the social distancing so ppl stay away from me and arnt that close anymore. My 4 year old is autistic and won’t keep a mask on. Me and him have asthma. My bf has asthma and still constantly talks to ppl and it drives me crazy. At least now he’s kinda doing it from a distance. He’s always been a social butterfly and it’s drove me nuts even before covid lol

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