We had a good day because believe it or not, it does happen

My family and I managed to have a pretty awesome day today. It began with an early morning trip to Chuck E Cheeses. As a result of our previous experience, their PR people sent me two family passes so we could try again. 

This time around was much better. 

The boys had a great time and it seems that they’ve made some changes to the way the new system works. We spent a few fun, family hours playing games. 

Thanks to Chuck E Cheeses PR people for the chance to try things out again. 

While we were there, I received a phone call about Gavin needing blood work. We took care of that on the way home, and Gavin did great. 

After a busy morning, we tried to have a quiet afternoon and for the most part we succeeded. 

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I’m hoping bedtime goes well because that would be a great way to end a pretty great day.

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