As an #Autism parent, I never take these for granted  -

As an #Autism parent, I never take these for granted 

It turns out that we’re looking at another break today, and that’s amazing. The boys will be going to Lizze’s parents for the night, and we will get some time to ourselves. 

This has been an unusual week in the sense that we’re getting so much time off, but it’s an absolute blessing. 

Lizze and I have zero plans at this point, but that may or may not change. I’d really like to go for a nice long walk, but the weather is rather hit or miss today. We have storms in the forecast, and we’ll have to see how things go. 

The bottom line is this. We are incredibly grateful for the time off provided by both sides of our family. I know that not everyone gets breaks like this, so we will never take these for granted. 

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