It's heartbreaking  -

It’s heartbreaking 

This morning begins the new routine of blood work every single day. I’m not sure about Sunday’s because the lab is closed. Either way, Gavin’s now facing at least ten needle sticks a week. 

When I explained to Gavin last night, about the need to daily bloodwork, he broke down and cried. 

I didn’t go into details about why it was necessary because he wouldn’t have understood anyway. What I told him was that the doctor needs to keep an eye on some things in your blood. All he heard from that whole conversation was that he was getting blood work every day. 

The poor kid is terrified, and I hate having to put him through this. At the second time, the alternative just isn’t okay. 

What would be nice is if they could put a hep-lock in and draw from that each day. It doesn’t really work that way but maybe we can figure something out, that makes this less painful for Gavin. 

I’m so worried about him. I haven’t been able to really stop thinking about what’s going on. I’m praying that today’s lab results show an improvement in his numbers, across the board. 

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Oh my gosh I can only imagine what he is feeling!! I hope they can find a way to make it easier on him!! Jr is finally getting his upper and lower GI. But insurance won’t allow them to do them both at same time so he has to be knocked out twice. Not thrilled with that! He is considered anorexic now too. I hate that our boys and our families have to suffer like this it freaking sucks!!!

Rob Gorski

Debbie, you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Don’t take any shit, and give’em hell….

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