I’m so proud of Gavin 

Gavin’s labs have been drawn and I’m waiting to get the results. I’m cautiously optimistic about today’s numbers because yesterday they were coming back up. 

In the meantime, I need to get Gavin’s IVIG infusion started. 

We are supposed to get a new delivery of his supplies today but they haven’t arrived yet. There’s enough to do today’s infusion but we have nothing left for Monday. 

I’m so proud of Gavin because he’s taking this like a champ. He’s already had his blood drawn four times this week alone and that will at least continue into the middle of next week. It depends on the results of said bloodwork. 

He’s not complaining, although he’d prefer not to have to go through this. 

As hard as this is for Lizze and I as parents, it would be so much worse if we had to fight Gavin all the way. I’m so grateful that he’s as cooperative as he is because it helps us to maintain his care. 

  • kimmy gebhardt says:

    Hopefully it’s good news. Gavin deserves something special.

  • kimmy gebhardt says:

    How is his Florida trip coming? Have you heard back from the local foundation?

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