We have a very big decision to make in regards to school

Lizze and I are meeting with the boys therapist and bringing up the subject of homeschooling. As scary as that sounds, I’m not sure we have much of a choice. 

Emmett isn’t wearing most shirts anymore and frankly, getting him to wear anything is next to impossible. The idea of another school year where we are dealing with battles every single morning, is not something I’m not ready for. 

The other issue is Emmett’s fevers. Almost every single day, his average temperature is above the fever cutoff for the school. Even if we can get some wiggle room like we did last year, it’s going to be extremely close on the good days and a no go on most others. 

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Emmett missed way too much school last year, although it didn’t impact his grades or present any issues with the school. 

The bottom line here is, everything about school is so stressful and I need to significantly reduce my stress levels, as does Lizze. It’s not good for the boys either. 

Between on and off issues with bullying, an inability to tolerate clothes, and health related problems, I honestly don’t know how we’re going to pull this school year off. 

I’m not looking to debate what people think of possibly making this decision. What I am looking for is thoughts from people who have made this change. There are concerns about social related things and whether or not we could pull this off. 

There would have to be a very rigid structure and solid game plan. 

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Again, everyone’s entitled to their opinions, and I respect that. At this point however, I looking for support, because we may not have much of a choice.