This is kinda weird

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We learned something today from Gavin, that seems sorta strange. He made it a point to tell Lizze while I was gone, and then me while we were dropping off the boys lunches.

Gavin informed us that he has been taking showers while he’s hanging out with my parents on Wednesdays while the boys are in school.

It’s not so much that he takes a shower at my parents house, cause that’s not a big deal at all. It’s more about the way he talked about it. He said that he asks if he can take a shower and they let him. Again, not a big deal and my parents aren’t doing anything wrong.

What’s weird about it is he doesn’t need a shower. He does that at home and there’s no reason for him to be asking to take one.

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It’s possible we’re reading too much into this but it feels like Gavin’s hiding something. He explained that he doesn’t get to take showers at my parents house very often, and so when he can, he wants to. WTF???

Gavin takes long showers and it’s not a huge deal because no one’s usually waiting in line at home.

When Gavin goes to visit my parents, he’s not going there to play his tablet or take showers. He’s there to spend time with my parents. Lizze and I don’t know his motivation for doing this and that just doesn’t sit right.

We tried talking about it with him but he couldn’t answer most of our questions. I think the reason this is sitting funny is because it seems like he’s not wanting to answer our questions, rather than not being able to.

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He’s only there for a few hours, he doesn’t need to take a shower.

We aren’t making a huge deal out of this but we’ve told him that this is not going to happen again because he’s there to hangout, not shower.

I honestly don’t know what to really say about this, aside from it being weird. Maybe that’s all it is. Gavin’s a weird kid and I mean that in a loving way. We like weird or different in our family but not like this.